Why We're The Best

February 13, 2019

Why We're The Best

Chillbean is the ORIGINAL single layered inflatable hammock... 

Why go with any other brand? Single layer means we have NO inner plastic bag liners, only ONE chamber to fill making it twice as easy to inflate.

So why is it so important to buy the Chillbean brand?                                           First off, we last longer than our competitors and that means less money out of YOUR pocket $$$ Not only do we last longer in the field but we stay inflated longer too. Enjoy those beach days, camping trips, music festivals, and traveling experiences knowing you have a RELIABLE product.                           

   Second of all, we have less impact on our environment! Did you know that after a very short period of time you have to replace the inner bags of our competitors? Most companies fail to tell you that. Chillbean strives to protect our planet and increase the value of your experiences. So stop filling the landfills and start filling your Chillbean.    

   Thirdly, we have a wonderful customer satisfaction guaranteed policy. If you have any problems with your product, contact us and we will gladly solve any issues. We also include a TWO YEAR free patch warranty! We really care about our customers.

   Fourth of all, Chillbean is made out of premium Ripstop Nylon. Ripstop Nylon is an insanely resistant fabric taking you and your Chillbean to places other competitors can not take you. If somehow your Chillbean is attacked by a bear, the Ripstop material will stop the tear from spreading any further, making repairs a cinch. Our motto is go anywhere your bare feet will take you. Rocks? NO PROBLEM. Sticks? YOU BETCHA! No other brand compares to ours. If you are a true adventure, buy something reliable. Buy a Chillbean.

   Fifth... Our Chillbeans glow. No not literally, but our Beanlight Slims do. Our secret is we created a pouch for the Beanlights, located under our Chillbeans. Beanlight Slims are rechargeable and a great tool to have out in the woods at night, working on vehicles, music festivals, or around the house. With each purchase of a Chillbean, you get a Beanlight Slim! Our single layered Inflatable Hammock make you glow brighter and better than any other brand.


   The Ultimate Chillbean Package includes: One Chillbean of choice, a Beanlight Slim (which also includes a USB charger and two light straps), a Waterproof Backpack, a Aluminum Stack, and Patches for your Chillbean. 



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