How do I fill my Chillbean?

Chillbean has a large opening on one end for inflating and deflating. Open it all the
way, move forwards or backwards in a straight line, and close it just as you stop
moving. Repeat this as needed until your Chillbean is about 80% filled with air, then
roll in the opening as much as you can, buckle the ends of the straps together, and
lie down in your Chillbean and enjoy.
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How do I pack up my Chillbean?

Put your Chillbean on its side so that the logo is facing up. Roll it up all the way and buckle the ends of the straps together. Store it in the backpack.
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Where can I use my Chillbean?

Thanks to the heavy-duty nylon it’s made of, Chillbean works on most surfaces. A good rule of thumb is that you can put your Chillbean anywhere that you can walk barefoot without injuring your feet.

How long can I use my Chillbean before it deflates?

Chillbean’s unique material allows for 5-8 hours of enjoyment before you start sinking in too much. The time varies because it loses air faster the more often you get in and out of it, and it depends on how much weight it’s holding. Changes in temperature can also affect how long it stays inflated.

How much does Chillbean weigh, and what size is it?

Chillbean weighs under 1 kg and it’s no larger than a toiletry bag when packed up. When inflated, it can be up to 200 cm long and 90 cm wide.
You can also choose to fill it with less air and make it into a smaller chair.
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How much weight will Chillbean hold?

We recommend no more than 250 kg.

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What material is Chillbean made of?

Chillbean is made of a heavy-duty parachute nylon with a rubber coating on the inside. The nylon is made with a special reinforcing technique called ripstop that prevents it from cracking or tearing if it’s punctured.

Can Chillbean be repaired if it’s damaged?

Chillbean comes with a self-adhering and transparent patch that can be fastened from the inside to repair a puncture. If you need more than one repair patch, contact us and we’ll send more at no charge.

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Is there anything I should avoid when using my Chillbean?

Avoid falling asleep in your Chillbean due to risk of suffocation as it deflates. Don’t put weight directly on the center seam. Don’t stand up in your Chillbean. To avoid damage to the rubber coating, don’t put anything inside your Chillbean. Chillbean is treated with UV protection, but its surface can bleach in direct sunlight.

How can I prevent my Chillbean from blowing away?

We hope that you’re lying down or sitting in your Chillbean when it’s inflated, but if you need to get up and take a quick swim or refill your drink, your Chillbean comes with a tent stake that you can use to secure it to the ground. Another alternative is to fill your Chillbean’s backpack with something heavy like a rock or some sand and attach it to the buckled-together straps.

Can I use Chillbean in the water?

Chillbean isn’t a pool float. It will float on water, but we advise against using it in the water if you’re alone. Always have someone keep an eye on you if you want to float on your Chillbean, and always rinse it after use in chlorinated or salt water. If we can tell that your Chillbean has chlorine or salt water damage, this won’t be covered by our warranty.

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