Frequently Asked Questions

Does it float? - Yes Chillbean+ does float but is not a flotation device.

What happens if my Chillbean gets punctured? - Every Chillbean comes with a specially designed and made patch. Its so special because it is the exact material that the inside of your Chillbean is made of, so it sticks really really well. We have more patch kits available if you contact us at

How tough are they? - Chillbean+ is the lightest available anywhere but that doesn't mean its not TOUGH! Our manufacturing methods are strictly watched over, so there will never be any difference from bean to bean. We have chilled on everything from ice to lava rock with no problems. and with a 550 lb weight limit you will never have to worry about to much weight. What we like to say is if you could walk on it barefoot without getting hurt you can most definitely Chillbean there without any worries.





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