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Chillbean Air

We have designed Chillbean® Air with the user in mind. Easy to inflate, so comfy you don't want to get out of it and as lightweight that even a child want to carry it! 

Made from the best parachute-nylon on the market with ripstop-reinforcement lets you use it almost anywhere you'd like to. With a Chillbean® Air you'll never have to worry that you can relax in both comfort and style. 

This is included: 
- Chillbean® Air
- Drybag backpack that also works as an extra pillow. 
- Aluminum windstake, for the windy days! 
- Selfsetting repair patch. If you'd need more we offer free patches for 2 years.
- 2 year warranty against factory defects. 

- 6 foot long
- Beanlight pocket to make it glow
- 2.2 lbs
- 60" opening for easy inflation
- EU patented design

Click here to see how you become a master at inflating a Chillbean® Air. 


Inspiration video

Instructional video

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